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Sending Exceptions to Sentry

Sentry is a popular exception gathering service. RQ allows you to very easily send job exceptions to Sentry. To do this, you’ll need to have sentry-sdk installed.

There are a few ways to start sending job exceptions to Sentry.

Configuring Sentry Through CLI

Simply invoke the rqworker script using the --sentry-dsn argument.

rq worker --sentry-dsn

Configuring Sentry Through a Config File

Declare SENTRY_DSN in RQ’s config file like this:


And run RQ’s worker with your config file:

rq worker -c my_settings

Visit this page to read more about running RQ using a config file.

Configuring Sentry Through Environment Variable

Simple set RQ_SENTRY_DSN in your environment variable and RQ will automatically start Sentry integration for you.

RQ_SENTRY_DSN="" rq worker